What We Do

Film for presentation

In a world where new and high-tech are expected to be better, film is recognized today as the only truly reliable archiving medium for imagery, particularly today's digitally produced imagery for theater, television syndication and mass distribution.

Some players in animation have already recognized the long-term value of film recording and have turned to acmeworks to preserve their assets for centuries to come. Among them are Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation, Universal Cartoon Studio, Stretch Films, Curious Pictures and Walt Disney TV Animation.

"acmeworks was faced with some very intricate computer file conforming and was not only able to accurately recreate our video master on film but they were able to solve by far most problems without any input from us."

Bruce Knapp, Producer
Curious Pictures

Other film-related services

In addition to archival film recording, acmeworks digital film offers services for theatrical presentation including titling, title compositing, SD and HD Conform.

  • high-resolution film output on different film types, including intermediate stock and black and white 35mm motion picture film
  • output at 2k, HD and 4k
  • transfer from a number of different video sources as well as from digitally created, or CG data.
  • film resolution titling tools are used to create pristine titles that demonstrate fluid motion and clean, crisp edges when projected.

Film for preservation

Much of the world's scientific and technological legacy is recorded on paper, archived in libraries, museums and research institutions. Paper can last for hundreds of years, but many important documents are so physically fragile, they are no longer available to scholars or the general public. Many institutions are digitizing these irreplaceable assets, but in time, these digital media will fail.

More and more institutions are recognizing that genuine, perpetual archiving demands motion picture film. Increasingly, these institutions are turning to acmeworks.