Technical Q&A

What kind of hardware do you use?

ARRILASER Film Recorders

What kinds of film stock do you support?

Kodak product code numbers 2242 (ESTAR Base/35 mm), 3242 (ESTAR Base/16 mm), 5242 (acetate base/35 mm), 7242 (acetate base/16 mm)

Kodak Panchromatic Separation Film 2238 (ESTAR Base/35 mm)

Emulsion and roll number identification; KEYKODE numbers; and internal product symbol EV are visible along the length of the film and can be used for image frame identification and retrieval purposes.

What resolutions do you support?

All resolutions including: NTSC and Pal Video, HDTV, or any user-defined customized resolution up to 4K.

What is your maximum current output?

200,000 2k images weekly

What file formats do you support?


What video formats do you support?

D1, NTSC Digital Betacam, PAL Digital Betacam, DCT, HDTV (D5 or HDCAM), PAL, Betacam SP, 30 frame video origination (DVCAM)

Can you work with IMAX films?
We are capable of handling 65mm imaging which allows compatibility with IMAX projects.
What data formats do you support?